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Who We Are – What We Stand For?

Global Correspondent Network (GCN) is an online platform for news, committed to collaborative, constructive, ad-free journalism. Together with our members, we want to change what news is about, how it’s made and how it’s funded.

Every day, Global Correspondent Network (GCN) publishes stories that help you understand the world better.

At Global Correspondent Network (GCN), our correspondents level with you about where they’re coming from, in the belief that transparency about point-of-view is better than claiming to have none. We are not on anyone’s team. We’re not the voice of a party. And we believe facts matter. But we also know facts need interpretation to have meaning. That’s why we are open about the worldview and moral convictions that inform our storytelling, and we will change our minds if the facts tell us to.

Journalism is at its best when it includes many different perspectives and worldviews. That’s why we seek to include people from a broad variety of backgrounds, both in our newsroom and on our platform. ​​Our principle of inclusivity extends to the way we find writers, reach readers, and treat members. Expecting writers to have a point of view helps in recruiting a diverse staff. Members can share our journalism freely with anyone, expanding our readership.

A correspondent’s published piece won’t be the end of the reporting process, but the starting point for a more in-depth conversation. We see correspondents as ‘conversation leaders’ on their chosen beat. They will make cross-border connections, enabling us all to see the issues we face from a new, refreshing and empowering perspective.

Our correspondents are currently based in the US, the UK, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Pakistan, India, Italy. Our supporting news team – editors, designers, developers, member support, and more – is based in a virtual online newsroom all over the world.

Global Correspondent Network (GCN) is founded on principles, which articulate our commitment to independent, in-depth, and ad-free journalism, and guide all our editorial and business decisions.

Consuming a lot of news can make you feel cynical and powerless. Global Correspondent Network (GCN) aims to counteract this effect by searching for common ground between different people, and by giving as much attention to solutions as we do to problems. We call this ‘constructive journalism’, not to be mistaken for ‘good news’. Constructive journalism tells the stories in a way that might get things moving in a different direction. We believe in journalistic activism, meant to bring about change.

News mostly is about what happens today, but rarely about what happens every day. It covers the most sensational exceptions, leaving you uninformed about the rules. Global Correspondent Network (GCN) wants to redefine what news is about, shifting the focus from the sensational to the foundational. Our correspondents cover the most important developments and underlying forces that shape our world, rather than speculating about the latest hype or scare. Put another way: we don’t cover the weather, we cover the climate, informing you about how the world really works.

Global Correspondent Network (GCN) is open to collaborating with media partners. We also accept funding from organizations whose investments contribute directly to our journalistic goals. Any such agreement will include one non-negotiable condition: full editorial independence.

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  • What’s With A24’s Religious Obsession?
    by GrR on August 12, 2022 at 6:29 pm

    Ten years ago, three guys named Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges, got enough scratch together to get their own film company off the ground. They named it A24 after the Italian motorway Katz was driving on when he came up with the idea, and they promptly got to work releasing small, buzzy indie

  • Governor Hochul Announces Completion of $16 Million Affordable Housing Development in Monroe County
    by GrR on August 12, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    Governor Kathy Hochul today announced construction is complete at Wellington North, a $16 million, 50-apartment affordable and supportive housing development for seniors in the town of Clarkson in Monroe County. Sixteen of the homes are reserved for seniors in need of supportive services to live independently. “All New Yorkers, especially our most vulnerable residents, deserve a good

  • EU ban on Russian coal enters into force
    by GrR on August 12, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    RIYADH: UAE-based Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, also known as Julphar, announced robust results for the second quarter of the year, with gross profit margin reaching 34 percent. Julphar performance was mainly driven by a 91 percent  year-on-year increase in net sales, to 419.9 million dirhams ($114.3 million), a statement showed.  The second quarter marks a return

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  • Doctors Share Advice On How They Find A Good Doctor
    by HtR on June 1, 2023 at 4:31 am

    Finding a doctor whom you like, trust and feel heard by is not an easy feat. On top of all that, they have to have an appointment available, which is often another frustrating challenge. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a doctor — maybe you want someone who identifies as your gender The post Doctors Share Advice On How They Find A Good Doctor appeared first on Health Reporter.

  • Medical Tourism: Social and Ethical Concerns,
    by HtR on June 1, 2023 at 4:30 am

    Natalie Achamallah, Jessica Nishiguchi, Shahriar Reza Rajaee, Maya Srinivasan and Dr. Julia Borovay University of Southern California Medical tourism, the practice of traveling across international borders for health care, is a rapidly rising phenomenon with serious ethical and economic ramifications for developing nations. Currently, medical tourism is an important industry in developing countries such as The post Medical Tourism: Social and Ethical Concerns, appeared first on Health Reporter.

    by HtR on June 1, 2023 at 4:29 am

    HEALTHY LIFESTYLE MOST ESSENTIAL LEARNING COMPETENCY Infer how one’s lifestyle can affect the functioning of respiratory and circulatory system Quarter 1 Week 2 – Circulatory System Quarter 1 Week 1 – Respiratory System #Science9 #HealthyLifestyle #CNHS source The post HEALTHY LIFESTYLE QUARTER 1 WEEK 3 SCIENCE 9 appeared first on Health Reporter.

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  • Restorative Dentistry Market Size, Scope, Forecast to 2029
    by DNWS on January 3, 2022 at 10:33 am

    New Jersey, United States,- The newest report printed by Verified Market Experiences reveals that the Restorative Dentistry Market is prone to garner an ideal tempo within the coming years. Analysts examined market drivers, confinements, dangers and openings on this planet market. The Restorative Dentistry report reveals the seemingly path of the market within the coming years in addition

  • Endodontic File Market Size 2021 Analysis by Top Key Players
    by DNWS on January 3, 2022 at 10:25 am

    New Jersey, United States,- Market Analysis Mind has been analyzing expertise and markets for Endodontic File since 2018. Since then, via Analysis Evaluation of corporations, we’ve been very near the most recent analysis and market growth. As well as, Market Analysis Mind works carefully with many shoppers to assist them higher perceive the expertise and market

  • Orthodontic Equipment and Consumables Consumption Market Size 2021 Analysis by Top Key Players
    by DNWS on January 3, 2022 at 9:54 am

    New Jersey, United States,- Market Analysis Mind has been analyzing expertise and markets for Orthodontic Tools and Consumables Consumption since 2018. Since then, by way of Analysis Evaluation of corporations, we now have been very near the most recent analysis and market improvement. As well as, Market Analysis Mind works intently with many shoppers to assist

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AKTUÁLIS – maikurir Hírek - szabadon

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MEDIAHU Hírek Magyarországról magyaroknak

Wedding Stars Legyen olyan esküvőd, amilyet a legjobb filmekben láttál...

  • „Az a szeretet, ami körülvett minket, leírhatatlan” – Ilyen volt Axente Vanessa esküvője
    by Wedding Stars on August 24, 2022 at 12:50 pm

    Néhány héttel ezelőtt meséltünk már nektek arról a Secret Stories-on, hogy a világhírű magyar topmodell, Axente Vanessa és magántőke-befektetőként dolgozó, ausztrál születésű kedvese, Rahil Gupta közel három év szervezés, újratervezés és viszontagság után 2022. július 16-án végre barátaik és családtagjaik jelenlétében is örök hűséget esküdtek egymásnak. Korábban ugyan tartottak már egy polgári szertartást Budapesten, a

  • BCEFW X Daalarna VIP Shopping Party
    by Wedding Stars on August 23, 2022 at 11:45 am

    Egy izgalmas alkalomra invitálunk titeket! 2022. augusztus 29-31. között, a Budapest Central European Fashion Week SS23 (BCEFW) eseményével együttműködésben rendezzük meg a Daalarna VIP Shopping Party-ját, amelyen egy különleges, pezsgőzéssel egybekötött ruhapróbán vehet részt az, aki ez időszak alatt ellátogat a Daalarna szalonba. Ha kedvet kaptatok ehhez a lehetőséghez, akkor nincs más dolgotok, mint telefonon

  • Egy hely, ahol esküvői dekoráció és a fotózás
    by Wedding Stars on August 23, 2022 at 10:15 am

    Fotók: Catherinart, Goodnews_pictures A kecskeméti Bukovszki Birtokon összeér az esküvői helyszín és az esküvői dekoráció. Zsuzsi, a tulajdonos ugyanis itt rendezte be végleges helyét a White House Decor néven futó vállalkozásának, amiből nem csak a birtokon tartott esküvők és az itt üzemelő kis fotóstúdió mesés dekorációi születnek, hanem más helyszínek ünnepi enteriőrjei is. EC: Három